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What exactly is a white collar crime? In the state of Illinois, this is a set of offenses that are classified as nonviolent, though still very harmful to victims. These types of crimes usually have to do with a violation, breach, or deceptive use of financial transactions. Normally, the person who commits the crime has been designated as having an increased level of trust to deal with the financial responsibility.

Being charged with a white collar crime is a serious matter. In many cases, prosecutors will take both state and federal accusations and seek to cast you in the worst possible light. Penalties can involve impossibly large fines, as well as long prison sentences. This is why you need our Peoria white collar crime attorney on your side. Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law is ready to aggressively represent you.

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Types of White Collar Crimes under Illinois Law

While many types of crimes can be complicated, white collar crimes tend to be even more complex, requiring the time and resources of an extensive investigation. Because there are so many moving parts to cases like these, you want to be certain that you have legal counsel that is up to the task.
Just some examples of crimes which our attorney has successfully defended include cases of:

  • ATM and bank card fraud
  • Fraudulent checks
  • Bribery
  • Counterfeiting money
  • Making a new credit card fraud
  • Stealing someone’s identity
  • Embezzlement
  • Crimes against environmental issues
  • Bank fraud
  • Laundering money
  • Forgery
  • General theft or fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Fraud regarding healthcare
  • Consumer fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Fraud in connection to the mail
  • Wire fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Corrupting private property
  • Stock fraud

Defending Against a White Collar Crime

Although it is clear that there are many different types of white collar crimes, there are also many avenues to pursue when it comes to building a strong defense. For example, there may have been some coercion from one’s superiors, forcing a person to act against their will. In addition, we have often noticed law enforcement utilizing unfair entrapment because they are too zealous in making arrests. In other cases, there may have been a complete misunderstanding between parties, leading to a case of mistaken identity.

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When you are feeling desperate and anxious about the charges made against you, know that you can put complete trust in the knowledgeable team of Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law. Our Peoria white collar crime lawyer can use a vast amount of legal knowledge to defend you from unfair charges and steep penalties.

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  • Aggravated Battery Negotiated Continuance Under Supervision
  • O.P. Defense Dismissed
  • Speeding 35+ and Reckless Driving Dismissed

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