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There are many criminal defense attorneys who are ready to come to the aid of unfortunate people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but finding a truly qualified federal crime lawyer in Peoria is another matter. Federal criminal laws and their penalties are much more serious than those charged at the state level. Even if you have a decent attorney, they can still lose the case due to the added complexity that comes with federal crimes.

Here at Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law, we do not treat your case as just another file, but with the utmost care. Our experience at successfully handling many of the most complicated federal crimes in the country should give you confidence in our ability to protect your rights. We can come up with an aggressive winning method of tackling your charges.

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Types of Federal Criminal Offenses

There are so many different types of offenses that would be categorized as federal rather than state crimes, simply depending on where they were committed and who they were committed against.

A few examples of the types of federal charges we have successfully defended our clients from include:

  • Bank fraud and identity theft
  • Sexual offenses
  • Mail fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Cases of federal mortgage fraud
  • Offenses of conspiracy
  • Kidnapping
  • Federal white-collar crimes
  • Narcotics
  • Human trafficking
  • Child sex crimes
  • Terrorist acts
  • Cases of federal criminal appeals
  • Child pornography
  • Online crimes such as crimes of internet solicitation
  • Federal criminal litigation

The Difference Between Federal & State Offenses

Charges that are classified as state-level crimes are primarily made within the state where the defendant lived, or the state where the crime supposedly took place. However, federal accusations are applicable to anyone who has reportedly broken these federal laws, no matter their location in the United States.

Usually, these kinds of crimes involve scenarios where several people had been victimized, or where great amounts of money had been reported as being stolen. In many cases, crimes that have occurred on the border lines of several states can be classified as federal crimes, including those of kidnapping, money laundering, and drug trafficking.

Penalties for Federal Crimes

There is not a single set of penalties for federal crimes, because these depend widely on the different severity levels of each offense, as well as the number of people who have been affected.

Usually, however, federal crimes are known for wreaking a lot more damage than state crimes do, which results in higher convictions. For example, a Class X felony, known for being the most damaging type of felony there is aside from murder, has the initial penalty of up to 30 years of imprisonment, but this can easily be extended by another 60 years, depending on the case.

Such convictions would mean you would not only have to face much longer times spent in higher security federal prisons, but you would most likely need to pay much higher fines and have your assets and property seized by the government. Even after your time was served, you would have a terrible outstanding permanent record, which could force you to face lifelong consequences.

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If you have been charged with a federal crime, there is no time to delay. You need dependable counsel from our team at Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law, and you need it quickly. Trust in our aggressive federal crime attorney in Peoria to represent you with determination and confidence.

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