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How Do I Qualify for Expungement in Illinois?

The word “record expungement” is music to the ears of many victims of false charges. When your record has been expunged, this means it is not only totally erased in its power, but there is no way for the public to even access past records. In fact, the records are either returned to you or destroyed. There will be no public list secretly keeping your name on a record.

In Illinois, even some legitimate convictions can be expunged from the record under the correct circumstances. You will need an expungement lawyer in Peoria to help you escape this legal blemish by means of expungement or record sealing.

There are several cases where you could be eligible for expungement, sometimes even immediately. These include cases where:

  • You had been victimized by identity theft

  • The state has dismissed all the accusations and charges against you

  • The court has found you to be innocent of all charges

  • You were arrested and taken into custody, but were never charged

  • You were charged with the need to be supervised and completed the period of supervision successfully

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Record Sealing in Illinois

In certain cases, your record might not be eligible to be completely wiped out or expunged, but you can still have the option of getting your record sealed. While some organizations may be able to access it, such as law enforcement officials and a few government agencies, the normal public will not be able to access your history. This is especially helpful to protect your right to employment, since public employers cannot see your records.

In order to have your convictions sealed, whether for misdemeanors or felonies, it is important to remember that you cannot receive the benefits of this option right away:

  • Three years must have passed following your most recent sentence for you to seek the opportunity of having the court completely seal your record.
  • There are also certain instances where convictions may never be sealed from the public eye.

Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law Expungement & Record Sealing Defense

Being unjustly accused of a crime is a horrific thing with long-lasting consequences. Not only do you have to bear the embarrassment of having your reputation stained, even temporarily, but you often have long-term legal impacts to face as well, for something you never did. This is because the very act of being charged with a crime creates a permanent record, regardless of whether all the charges become dropped, you are never forced to set foot in court, or even have your case completely dismissed.

It is utterly unfair to think that you might have to face the negative impact of a false crime for the rest of your life. Trust Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law, to support you and your reputation.

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