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If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Illinois, ensure that you stay away from your accuser for the mandatory 72-hour time frame. A violation of this restriction, even if the alleged victim consents, can result in a large fine and significant jail time. Likewise, violating a temporary order of protection, a restraining order in effect until the hearing, is treated as a serious offense.

Whether you dealing with charges for domestic abuse or you have been arrested for violating an order of protection, Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law is here to help. With extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, our Peoria domestic crime attorney can help you protect your rights and freedom during this time.

You have the right to not speak to the police until your lawyer is present. Call (309) 322-7772 now to get a fierce advocate on your side.

What Constitutes a Domestic Crime in Illinois?

In Illinois, there are certain violent actions that are charged as domestic violence crimes when committed against a family or household member.

Qualifying family or household member relationships include:

  • Current spouses
  • Former spouses
  • Parents
  • Children or stepchildren
  • Those related by blood or marriage
  • People who share or used to share a dwelling
  • Individuals who have a child together
  • Those with disabilities and their caregivers
  • Individuals who are dating or engaged to be wed

Penalties for Domestic Abuse in Peoria

Allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously in the state of Illinois. Those accused of domestic abuse could face many years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and long-term orders of protection. The specific charges you could face for a conviction depend on several factors, such as the nature of the abuse and number of previous offenses. Whereas domestic violence is charged as a misdemeanor, cases involving domestic battery are upgraded to a felony.

Potential sentences for domestic crimes in Illinois include:

  • Class A misdemeanor – punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500

  • Class 4 felony – punishable by one to three years in prison and a maximum fine of $25,000

In addition, there are some mandatory minimums for certain domestic crimes. For example, those who commit subsequent domestic battery offenses must be sentenced to at least 72 hours in jail. Also, anyone convicted for aggravated domestic battery, will face a minimum of 60 days imprisonment. If the domestic violence occurred in front of a minor, the individual will be required to spend at least 10 days in jail or perform 300 hours of community service.

Fighting to Get Your Charges Dropped

Once charged with domestic violence in Illinois, it is very difficult to get your charges dropped, even if your accuser requests that they be dropped. This is where having a skilled Peoria domestic crime lawyer can be of great benefit to you. Attorney Frericks has the knowledge and experience necessary to defend you. Once he evaluates the circumstances of your case, he can help you build a strong defense strategy to try to get your case dismissed.

Call (309) 322-7772 today to get a reliable criminal defense attorney on your side.

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