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How Long Do You Have to Appeal a Court Case in Illinois?

When it comes to filing an appeal in Illinois, there are several strict deadlines that you will need to follow. The first and most important is to file a Notice of Appeal with the Illinois Circuit Court (the trial court) within 30 days of your sentencing. After filing your Notice of Appeal, you will then have seven days to file a Notice of Appeal with the appropriate appellate court, as well as serve a copy of the Notice on any other parties involved. In addition, within 14 days of filing your Notice of Appeal, you must file a docketing statement with the appellate court.

Attorney Frericks understands what is at stake when filing a criminal appeal – it can mean the difference between your freedom and incarceration. He is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that the mistakes that occurred during your trial are dealt with appropriately.

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The Criminal Appeals Process in Illinois

Although appellate cases are quite complex, the concept of an appeal is easy to understand. Essentially, when a person files a criminal appeal, they are petitioning a higher court to review the decision of a lower court. Some higher courts that can conduct this type of review include the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Illinois Supreme Court, and Illinois Court of Appeals. The purpose of the review is to determine whether there was some type of error that occurred in the lower court.

There are a variety of errors than can occur, including:

  • Defense errors – the defendant suffered from ineffective assistance of counsel

  • Prosecution errors – the outcome was affected by intentional or unintentional prosecutorial misconduct

  • Evidentiary ruling errors – the conviction resulted from the exclusion of key evidence or the inclusion of evidence that was prejudicial or unfair

In many cases, the higher court does not find any errors, agrees with the lower court, and allows the decision to stand. However, if the higher court determines that the lower court contained an error that had a direct impact on the outcome of the trial, it may reverse the conviction, resentence the defendant, or remand the case back to the lower court for a new trial.

Advocating for the Wrongfully Convicted

The U.S. justice system, both at the state and federal level, is far from perfect. That is why there is a provision for appeals to take place. If you are the victim of a wrongful conviction, due to errors made in your original trial, you have the right to file an appeal.

While trying to change the outcome of your case can be intimidating, you do not need to be afraid to challenge your conviction with a Peoria appeal attorney on your side. Now is the time to take action, and Christopher J. Frericks, Attorney at Law is the right firm to handle your post-conviction matter.

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